October 26, 2017

Everything You Need To Know about their Maternity Dresses

Every woman wants to wear decent during her entire pregnancy. The main point is to get well fitting, comfortable and durable maternity clothes that can be worn in place of work when attending meetings and other functions during the day.

Most pregnancies begin to show at the second trimester. This means that the regular clothes a woman wear fit well for the first three months of pregnancy. Things begin to change in the third month, and one does not feel comfortable in the regular clothing, prompting for maternity wear. The best strategy to buy maternity clothing is when they are needed, this way one avoids buying clothes that will be discarded in a short notice. However, a plan and a list of requirements should be executed much earlier before the actual buying time comes. A lot of window shopping should be done to know where to find an item and their prices, when the time to buy comes, it becomes much easier.

This is an informative expert guide, a must read for those looking to nourish their maternity wardrobe like a pro. Read deeper to learn the kinds of clothes recommended during the entire pregnancy cycle, what to look for and tips to make dressing a good experience while waiting for the baby arrival.

How Maternity Sizes Works

First time to be mums fail to understand what size of dress they would be looking for when they shop online. Men looking to buy their wives surprise maternity clothes also find it a mystery knowing their women’s newly acquired super-sizes. The trick is simple; if the woman was a size 8, just ask for a size 8 maternity version, simple. The same applies when buying jeans, if the waist was 20, ask for size 20 maternity versions. The designers make it simple for people to find their approximate fitting size by making the adjustments that correspond to the earlier sizes. The sizing is based on the fact that all size 10 women are likely to gain the same increase in size. One gets to change the maternity clothes as the belly grows.


The Maternity Must-Haves for all Women

The following are some of the maternity clothes that every woman should consider adding to their wardrobe:

1). Twin Set

During pregnancy, it feels a little warmer, it is, therefore, necessary to layer. Choose a long-sleeve cardigan and a sleeveless shell so to take off a layer while looking like a chic and pulled together.

2). A wrap Sweater

A tunic-length knit top wrap, worn with an adjustable tie, that can be loosened as the bump grows. The slim-fitting bodice and soft lines create a flattering silhouette.

3). Black Stretch Pants

Black pants can be worn with almost everything and can be worn from the early months of pregnancy to the advanced stages.

4). A slim fitting skirt

The slim skirts flatter, more than the ordinary full skirts. Choose the length depending on your height. The stretch ones are ideal since they show the bump, making the wearer comfortable.

5). Comfy Undergarments

Your breasts are likely to grow in size, ensure you have a couple of bras to accommodate them. Work with the lingerie lady to get the right fitting sizes. Loose underwear will be much better. Just ensure that the waistbands hang just below the tummy, remember the underwear should be a little larger than your normal sizes.

6). A knit Tunic Top

A good tunic top will cover the arms and the shoulders but will provide more room where the woman needs it more. They are a little wide at the middle to accommodate belly expansion, cover hips, and bottoms.

Other important maternity clothes include a classic T-shirt (stretchy), men’s style button down shirt, a black dress, a jacket, etc.

Things to Consider when Buying a Maternity Dress

The following maternity rules will help you choose great maternity clothes that will be very valuable during your pregnancy:

Comfort: Comfort is probably the number one priority for every woman. Before considering everything else, a woman wants to wear clothing that is comfortable, remember, when the clothing does not feel comfortable for the wearer, the baby is most probably also not comfortable. Don’t just buy the dress because it looks great; try to listen if it really makes you comfortable.

Adjustability: Once a woman gets pregnant, she begins to gain mass from the very beginning. This is due to the body adjusting to easily carry the baby and the baby growing. It’s not a bad idea going for maternity clothes that will last for the most part of the pregnancy, to avoid going back for shopping every now and then. Consider buying skirts and trousers with adjustable bottoms, waistbands, stretch panels and tops made with adjustable straps. Easy access tops will also come in handy in the post-birth during breastfeeding. Lighter, longer trousers will also allow the woman to cover ankles as the bump increases in size.

Durability: garments that do not wear easily when washed frequently will also serve for the longer term, even when the woman becomes a mother. The baby bump will also be stretching the clothes, a tough fabric will stand all these and not wear or tear during the entire period. Soft fabrics like organic cotton or lyca will serve for all the entire 9 months.

Soft Fabric:
 As the bump increases in size, most women feel itchy down there. Going for soft fabric maternity clothes will prevent this and bring comfort. Avoid synthetic fabrics during pregnancy, for example, nylon, viscose or polyester.

Other Tips and Tricks

– Always try on the maternity clothes being purchased, if it does not feel comfortable, it is itchy or tight, avoid it

– The feet are also likely to grow wider, go for supportive and comfortable shoes that will allow bending without slipping

– Complement the dressing with accessories, for example, jewelry, scarves etc.

– Buy nursing clothes in advance

Pregnancy passes through three major stages, first, second and third trimester. The first trimester seems to be simpler and no major changes to the physical body. A woman begins to experience changes at the second trimester. The belly seems to be growing wider in the second trimester, and the clothing tends not to be fitting anymore.

Tops and blouses with empire waists are ideal at this stage since they are all going to be outgrown. It is at the trimester stage that one needs to bring in the maternity wear. Buy decent clothing that will be worn comfortably in place of work. It’s also good to hand wash the clothes at home. Always buy maternity clothes from your preferred retailer to get genuine products, trendy maternity dressing and at the best prices.Source - Maternityz (dot) com

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For maternity bottoms, measure the largest circumference of your hip by wrapping it around your hips, just below your now-full belly.

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